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KBS International Corp. is proud of its standing as one of the true service- oriented insurance brokers. Our family business philosophy means that our clients enjoy personal attention, while ample resources assure you of receiving the highest standard of professional service.

KBS traces its roots back 40 years and three generations to the founding of H. Schlactus, Inc. Over time we have grown and expanded our services, but the firm remains focused around Howard and Peter Schlactus, CIC, AAI. At KBS, "brokering" means more than simply procuring insurance. We serve our clients as personal risk advisors, and act as your advocate with the insurance industry.

Claims service is at the heart of any insurance relationship. At KBS, reporting your loss to the insurance company is just the beginning -- not the end of our involvement. Our highly experienced claims specialists will advise you on how to minimize your loss and present the best face to your carrier. We will actively work to expedite the payment of your claims and to represent your interests in any dispute -- all the while providing you with regular status reports.

In addition, KBS clients benefit from a host of value-adding services, including a thorough "needs analysis" on an ongoing basis, "team servicing" which assures you of timely access to a live service specialist, annual "shopping" of your insurance to multiple carriers, timely certificates of insurance, safety and loss control resources, and the security of knowing that your business is handled by professionals who deliver what they promise, and who truly care.

As an independent agent/broker, KBS works with many of the insurance industry’s most reputable companies -- Chubb, Reliance, Travelers, CGU, AIG, Lloyds of London -- to name but a few. Our full network of contacts, however, extends much farther. Indeed, there is scarcely a carrier that we cannot access. At KBS you are our client, not any particular insurance company. We use the leverage of our independence to promote your welfare.

At KBS we work hard to minimize costs for our clients, but we will never short- change you on vital coverage. Thanks to our industry knowledge and the contacts we have with specialty insurers, we often find ourselves able to reduce costs while increasing your protection.

Each account is different but at KBS one thing remains the same: our dedication to professionalism and to you, our clients. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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As a national transportation specialist, we are licensed in the following   
states.  In addition we obtain licenses in additional sites as needed.  

Nothing on the site should be construed to be a solicitation of business in states
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