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    1.  Select the form(s) you need (scroll down to view all)
    2.  Forms are in Adobe Acrobat format, which means anyone can view them easily using the 
          Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe.  To obtain the Adobe Reader, click above to link
          to Adobe for a quick download.
          Some forms available as Microsoft E-form where noted.
3.  Download and print forms         
    4.  Fax signed forms to KBS  -- 914-636-0802 -- or send by mail.
    5.  Also, check out our 'Quick Quote' Options!

    Courier Application -- complete PDF or EForm
      Note: be sure to download Vehicle/Driver Schedules separately

    Supplemental Forms -- complete as applicable


 CAPS, the W.C. Alternative  (click here for info. about this program)
     1)  Questionnaire to complete on-line, or
     2)  Questionnaire to print
     3)  Driver Census -- required prior to binding coverage

   1) Management Practices Liability
Insurance (we can respond within 4 hrs)
2) Workers Compensation  (KBS can usually respond within 48 hours)
3) Catastrophic "Umbrella" Liability  (KBS can respond within 4 hours)

    * Please note that no insurance can be bound or changed without the approval
      of your insurance carrier.

    * KBS is licensed to sell insurance in most but not all states.  Nothing on this
      website should be construed as a solicitation for insurance in states where we
      do not have a license.  For a list of states where KBS is licensed, click here. 


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