At KBS, nothing is more important to us than the service we provide to clients who are
unfortunate enough to have to make a claim.  After all, this is a large part of why you
chose to entrust your insurance to KBS in the first place. 

Whether we met or exceeded your expectations, or whether we fell short in some way,
we want to know
so that we can reinforce our successes and take steps to correct any
problems.  Our goal is to earn an "Outstanding" rating for every claim in every category.
Thank you for your cooperation.  

These surveys go directly to KBS principals and we appreciate your candor.  Where the
law allows, we will forward a gift to clients who complete this survey.  Unless you request
otherwise, we will call to thank you. 

Claims Service Survey:

1.    Company Name:   

       Your Name:   

        Email Address:   

       Today's Date:   

       Name of Primary Contact at KBS:  

2.    Briefly Describe Claim (include data to help us distinguish which claim)

3.    Please select the rating that best reflects your experience:

        a.  Advising You On Coverage:

      b.    Representing your interests with the carrier and adjusters:

     c.    Staying in touch and keeping you informed:

      d.    Obtaining Positive Outcomes:

      e.    Overall Claim Service:

4.    "The best thing I can say about KBS's claims service in this case is:

5.    "The area KBS needs to improve most is:

6.     Check box if you do NOT wish to be contacted: 

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