Gaining Competitive Advantage
 Using Your Insurance (Sales)

  Executive Advice on
  Personal Insurance Needs 
  (Homeowners, Auto, Valuables,
  Disability, Life, Retirement...)

Preventing Losses,                       

Promoting Safety     
  (Safety Manual, Incentives, etc.)

  Group Benefits for Staff,
  Key Employees, and IC's!

  (Life, Health, Disability, Dental...)

For KBS, providing you with the best value in business insurance is only the beginning of a long-term partnership between our firms.

Many pay lip service to this "partnership" concept, but we put it into practice every day.  Partners depend on each other and we strive to make ourselves an  indispensable part  of your success.

Whether we're providing a video and materials for a safety meeting, ensuring your regulatory compliance, or helping you use your insurance investment to impress customers and increase sales, KBS is there for you!  

We encourage all of our clients to take full advantage of our expertise and experience so please carefully review our menu of services. In many cases there is no charge!




Gaining Competitive Advantage with Insurance

 Sales-oriented Summary of Insurance   Insurance Portfolio
 Bank Work: Bid Assist Kit      Retaining & Rewarding Key People
 Verifying Your Insurance Quality to Prospective Customers 

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Executive Advice on Personal Insurance Needs

  Home & Valuables Protection     Family Auto/Watercraft Protection
  Estate Planning    Personal Liability Protection
  Buy-Sell Agreement Review/Funding   Key Person Benefit Plans
  Disability & Life Insurance - for both personal & business needs

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Preventing Losses and Promoting Safety

  Complete Safety Program with Manual and Forms -- customized for your business needs
  Safety Materials - videos, posters, pamphlets, paycheck stuffers...!  
  Designing Service Agreements and Delivery Tickets
  Accident Reporting, Investigation and Follow-up
  Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance     Safety Meetings
  Safety Incentive Program       Disaster Recovery Planning
  Cargo Loss Prevention      Contract / Lease Review Service
  Driver Hiring Guidelines        Regulatory Compliance

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Group Benefits Programs

  Health   Dental
  Life   Vision
  Disability   Retirement: 401K / SEP / SIMPLE
  Key Person   Deferred Compensation

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