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August 15, 2000

Complete Courier Safety Programs Available
Customized for YOUR Business Model!

KBS International, a leading insurance broker and consultant to the courier industry nationwide, has expanded its consulting services to include complete  Safety Programs or, for those who simply wish to fine-tune their programs, individual program components -- like Safety Incentives and Safe Hiring Systems – are available.

KBS cost-effectively fashions manuals and administrative forms, provides program customization and follow-up assistance with implementation, and can even arrange onsite training. Whether you use IC’s or employees, you CAN have a safety program, and a good program WILL produce fewer accidents and lower costs in the end.

From Accident Investigation to Company Safety Vision, KBS has consulted on safety and loss control with firms ranging from small family businesses to national courier networks. While services are available to any safety-minded delivery company, KBS brokerage clients receive substantial discounts on rates.

For more information, contact Peter or Howard Schlactus at KBS today. Phone:    1-888-KBS-4321. Email:

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October 5, 1999        KBS Principal Awarded 1999 Mercury Award

Peter Schlactus, CIC, AAI of KBS International Corp., a leading insurance broker to the courier industry, received the 1999 Mercury Award for "sustained and significant contributions to the courier industry." The honor was bestowed at Courier Magazine’s Courier Weekend in Las Vegas on October 2.

Mr. Schlactus is the first person from outside the industry to receive the award. Previous recipients have included well-known figures John Storm and Jim Isaacson. In bestowing this year’s award Mary DeLuca, editor of Courier Magazine, cited Mr. Schlactus’ success at developing innovative solutions to courier insurance problems, as well as his many articles and seminars for industry trade journals and conventions. KBS innovations form the basis of much insurance that courier companies enjoy today.

Accepting the statue of Mercury, ‘messenger of the gods,’ Mr. Schlactus thanked his father and partner, Howard Schlactus, who co-developed many KBS programs, his staff at KBS Insurance, and couriers throughout the country for whom he feels a "genuine enthusiasm and affection." Mr. Schlactus went on to lead a well-received seminar on "Using Insurance to Make Sales."  Mr. Schlactus can be reached at 888-KBS-4321, or on-line at

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October 1,1999 KBS Launches

KBS International, a leading insurance broker and consultant to the courier industry nationwide, has launched a website that will serve as a resource center for the industry on insurance, safety, and risk management issues.

"We have worked hard to make a valuable site for all couriers and not merely a promotion." Couriers can access risk management advice, discover internet links to safety/loss control sites and insurance consumer sites, and contact KBS professionals for assistance with specific questions or problems.

A bi-monthly Safety Awareness Contest contest adds fun to the site and promises to reward a lucky courier surfer with over $100 worth of loss control resources.

Clients will be able to use to more easily conduct business with KBS, and other couriers can download application forms.

All couriers are encouraged to visit the site, enter the contest, and "See what a specialist can do!" KBS can also be contacted toll-free at 888-KBS-4321.

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September 25, 1999 KBS Announces Two Insurance Programs

KBS International Corp., a leading insurance broker to the courier industry nationwide, announced that it has concluded agreements with two new insurance carriers to provide competitive insurance solutions to couriers. Both carriers are A rated and offer multiple types of coverage to match courier needs.

The first carrier is focusing on some of the most difficult regions on the east coast. Auto, Workers Compensation, General Liability, and other coverages are offered for operations of all sizes -- from individual drivers to multi-million-dollar companies.

The second carrier, a multinational giant, focuses on providing Auto Insurance and Workers Compensation to delivery services in the western states. Again, couriers of all sizes can qualify.

Both programs feature especially cost-effective coverage for courier services with superior loss records and/or loss control practices. Contact KBS for more information at 888-KBS-4321 or online at

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  May 1, 1998    KBS Develops Financial Transit Sales Kit

KBS International has unveiled a brand new concept designed to help couriers win new business transporting checks, mail, and securities for financial institutions. "Whether you already transport financial documents or are looking to break into the niche, this program will greatly enhance your competitiveness", states KBS Co-President Howard Schlactus.  

The program, available exclusively through KBS, combines unique insurance coverages with a package of sales tools and consulting services from both KBS and its A-rated insurance company. "The insurance is guaranteed to meet or exceed any customer's requirements, and the rest of the kit helps couriers turn bid opportunities into successful sales," Schlactus explains. "No one has ever put all of this together before, and it's surprisingly affordable."

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May 1, 1998   At Last: Management Practices Liability Ins.!

Affordable & designed for Couriers, KBS International Insurance has announced the first program tailored to the needs of the courier industry that provides comprehensive, low-cost protection against lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful discharge, etc. In addition to insurance, couriers who sign up receive consulting assistance and a 'kit' to help them improve their personnel practices and avoid trouble.

"We researched insurers who were interested in small-to- medium-sized privately owned companies and selected the carrier with the highest rating and service, explains KBS Co-President Peter Schlactus, AAI.. "Then we sat down with them and customized the policy so that it works for all couriers - even those utilizing independent contractors." The customized policy changes and special pricing are available exclusively through KBS.

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January 4, 1998   KBS Upgrades Computer System, Client Service

KBS International Corp., a leading insurance broker to the courier industry, has purchased a cutting-edge insurance agency management software package, known as the Agency Manager. "These days delivering superior service requires a strategic investment in technology," says Peter Schlactus, AAI the company's co-President. According to Mr. Schlactus the system enables KBS to more efficiently provide its clients with information about their insurance and claims, as well as certificates, reports, binders, and other documents.  "With our new CD-ROM based training software, all of our staff will soon be able to tap into the new system's potential, says Schlactus."

KBS also welcomes three new additions to its client services staff. Lola Rivera, Eleanor Currie, and Margaret Mecca, all seasoned insurance professionals, joined the KBS team at the end of 1997 and "have already made a real positive difference," states Schlactus.

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July 1, 1997   New WC, Auto Insurance Programs from KBS!

KBS Brokerage has unveiled an exclusive new Driver Auto Insurance Program.  For the first time your drivers can purchase their own legitimate commercial auto insurance in your office at drastically reduced rates -- and with little or no money down. The program is available whether drivers are classified as contractors or employees. It protects IC status since participation is optional for each driver.  Because coverage is issued to your drivers, your own insurance record will remain untarnished by their accidents.

Courier executives enrolled in the program report finding it much easier to add and keep good drivers while maintain their hiring standards. They enjoy the security of knowing that many of their drivers have commercial insurance in place, and they benefit from lower corporate auto insurance rates. As with all KBS programs the carrier is national and A-rated.

IC-based couriers may also wish to investigate a unique new Workers Compensation program that can practically eliminate premiums. Risk-free audits are an added feature.  According to agent Peter Schlactus, "The program's strength lies in its simplicity."  KBS Brokerage represents over 250 courier companies nationwide. They specialize in tailoring unique insurance packages to meet the individual needs of different courier firms.

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December 1, 1996      KBS/RSDA Insurance Program Launched!

All RSDA companies can now obtain a full million dollars of Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability Insurance from an A++.rated national carrier. This insurance protects you against liability from serious driver accidents and satisfies restaurant requirements.  Also, use it as a sales tool to attract new restaurants. Quality insurance makes you look more professional. RSDA members will receive a sizable 20% discount off the program's low basic rates of about $250 per driver per year.

We are proud to announce that the auto insurance company is rated A++ by A.M. Bests, putting it in the top 2% of insurers nation-wide in terms of financial stability and claims-paying ability. KBS has been working with Restaurant Delivery companies and the Association for over two years now and is the leading insurance broker to the messenger-courier industry. Peter and his firm clearly understand our needs as delivery companies, and have taken the time to conduct industry research and support the Association at our previous meetings.

As an additional service to RSDA members, Peter will review your current policies at no cost or obligation, and will report back to you on any audit risk you may face. KBS will be providing general liability and office property coverages as well.  Workers Compensation advice and coverage are available, as are employee benefit programs.  

For the first time our industry has an opportunity to show the insurance companies that we are desirable customers. Thanks to all who provided the feedback and information that has allowed KBS and RSDA to bring you this ground-breaking benefit. I hope you will all support the program so that we can use it as a precedent to build others for the Association. 

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May 6, 1996   1st-Ever Courier 'Malpractice' Insurance Program

KBS Brokerage, a national specialist in courier insurance, has designed the first insurance program to protect couriers from their own mistakes - much like malpractice insurance protects doctors. The "Courier Errors & Omissions" program covers liability for late deliveries, incorrect deliveries, and incomplete pickups. It also features unlimited coverage for legal defense costs.  Coverage is through an internationally respected insurer and premiums start as low as $1,000. 

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May 1, 1996    KBS Announces National Fleet Ins. Program

KBS, a national insurance agency specializing in the courier industry, has gained an exclusive commitment by Legion Insurance Company and National Transportation Adjusters to provide competitive fleet insurance to qualifying courier companies nationwide. For the first time couriers can access a fleet program where all the players -- agent, carrier, and claims administrator -- are true transportation specialists. 

Fleet size and location, loss record, hiring and safety practices are the primary factors in determining whether or not a courier will qualify. Companies with a history or willingness to act to control losses will benefit from the lowest rates.

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May 1, 1996        New Auto Insurance Program for Couriers

Courier insurance specialist KBS Brokerage has teamed up with A-rated insurer Providence Washington to offer more affordable auto insurance to courier firms that own their own delivery vehicles. "We wanted to insure that well-run couriers have access to cheaper fleet coverage from a standard, licensed insurer," explains KBS's Peter Schlactus. 

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February 1, 1996      Low-Cost Excess Liability Program 

KBS Brokerage, which has launched new auto fleet, workers compensation, and cargo programs in recent months, has concluded negotiations with a national, A++ rated carrier to provide low-cost excess (or "Umbrella") liability coverage for couriers in all 50 states. 

Coverage is available on a stand-alone basis, meaning that any courier company can qualify regardless of who provides the rest of their insurance. Standard limits range from $1-10 million dollars with higher amounts possible. In many cases, KBS can provide cost estimates immediately over the phone. 

Umbrella policies protect couriers against many kinds of liability -- auto, bicycle, premises, and employer. Limits are in excess of those provided by a courier's primary policies and rates are therefore much lower than for primary coverage. Umbrella policies are a cost-effective way to satisfy high customer requirements and protect your business from being undone by a single catastrophic accident.

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