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 At KBS, we custom-tailor insurance protection to fit the needs and budget of each
 distinct courier client. No two couriers are the same, and no one insurance carrier
 provides the best solutions in all areas.  As an independent specialist we match your
 business with the program or programs that can best protect you.  With multiple  
 alternatives in every area, KBS clients are insulated from rate increases, claims 
 problems and changing insurance company "appetites."  KBS has the oldest, most 
 stable courier insurance programs in existence - and the most extensive list of
 value-added services, as well.  KBS is not only a broker-- we also act as a consultant,
 evaluating the work of other brokers and insurance companies.  We even design and
 consult on safety programs for the delivery industry!  Check out what we can do and
 contact us today.  We look forward to showing you what a specialist can do!