KBS is more than simply the best choice for courier insurance.  We also assist delivery services nationwide
to develop
practical, quality safety practices.  From 'mom-&-pop' shops to national conglomerates, KBS has designed policies, procedures, manuals, forms ... In other words, we'll produce a comprehensive program that fits your needs and your budget.  Or, if you prefer, we can focus on particular elements, such as driver hiring standards or safety incentives.

Even courier companies that utilize Independent Contractors can take advantage of our service to avoid
unnecessary accidents that attract the attention of attorneys and regulators!

Do you have a safety program already?  Not sure it's doing the job?  Let KBS review and evaluate what you have done.  You might be surprised to learn how easy it can be to improve results!  

                                      Why Devote Time and Money to Safety?

Because we at KBS are familiar with your industry, we work more efficiently, and that SAVES you money!
Depending on the complexity of your business, we can deliver customized Safety Programs for as little as
a few hundred dollars!

                      What Elements of a Safety Program Can KBS Assist With?

Compare that to what most Loss Control Consultants charge, or even what it costs to download a generic 'Truckers Safety Manual' off the internet.  You can save literally thousands of dollars and wind up with a much better program!

KBS clients enjoy industry-specific advice, customized procedures & documentation, assistance with
implementation, and an extensive library of resources -- from videos and posters to Safety Fact Sheets
and Bulletins perfect for driver meetings and paycheck stuffers.

                                                      How Would It Work?

We at KBS appreciate your interest and hope you will choose KBS to help you safeguard your business and budget.  Come see what a specialist can do!

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                    Why devote time and money to safety and loss control?

First of all, to identify problems/shortcomings before they mushroom into preventable
accidents.  Why worry?
Consider the full 'costs' of accidents to your business:

  • drain on company resources -- management time and money spent
  • substantial increases to future insurance costs
  • potential difficulty in obtaining adequate insurance
  • poor service leading to lost customers
  • damage to reputation leading to lost sales opportunities

Secondly, with proper coaching and documentation, you can turn your attention to 
safety into a
powerful sales tool -- a statement about your professionalism and your 
commitment to quality.  Land more business and watch your investment in safety
pay for itself many times over!

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                     Safety Program Elements that KBS consults on:

  • Safety Policies
  • Division of Management Responsibilities
  • Safety Standards
  • Driver Hiring Standards & Procedures
  • Driver Orientation and/or Training
  • Driver Probation Policy
  • Ongoing Driver Monitoring
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Safety Awareness-Building Methods
  • Discipline / Corrective Action
  • Accident Investigation
  • Affordable Safety Incentive Plans
  • Early Return to Work
  • All Forms necessary for Implementation

Employee and Independent Contractor operations can benefit!

Hard Copy and Electronic formats available -- (MS Word)

Assistance with Implementation, Planning, and Execution

FREE access to Safety Materials  (posters, videos, fact sheets, etc.)

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                    How Would it Work to Hire KBS?

In getting started, we would review the possible elements of a safety program with you in order to
determine your priorities, decide what is practical, and identify whom would be responsible for which aspects of the program.  KBS would then develop procedures and create a draft manual for your review.  

After receiving your feedback, we would produce a final version of your safety program and ship it to you.  You would receive both a hard copy and an electronic (MS Word) file -- so you can make future revisions
on your own if you choose.  With the time remaining (or as agreed), we would help you plan and document roll-out and implementation.  

Finally, you would enjoy a year of FREE access to our extensive library of courier safety materials, which can be ordered conveniently on-line (or by phone or fax).

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