At KBS, nothing is more important to us than the service we provide     to clients.  After all, this is a large part of why you chose to entrust your insurance to KBS in the first place. 

Whether we met or exceeded your expectations, or whether we fell short in some way,
we want to know
so that we can reinforce our successes and take steps to correct any
problems.  Our goal is to earn the highest rating in every category.  Many of the questions are "multiple choice" to facilitate completion, but we provide space for your comments and suggestions as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

These surveys go directly to KBS principals and we appreciate your candor.  Where the
law allows, we will forward a gift to clients who complete this survey.  Unless you request
otherwise, we will call to thank you. 

KBS Client Satisfaction Survey

A.  For each category, please choose the selection that best
      completes the phrase: "KBS provides service which is..."

Overall Performance

Expertise in My Industry & Business

Accurately Evaluates Our Risk Exposures

Negotiates and Assists with Insurance Companies

Offers both Insurance and Non-Insurance Options

Provides Innovative Solutions

Acts as Part of My Team: Helps Find Solutions to Business Problems

Establishes a Long-Term Partnership

Actively Listens to Me and Addresses My Needs

Keeps Me Informed

Presents Information Effectively

High Ethical Standards

Provides Trustworthy Advice and Counsel

Consistently Fulfills Commitments & Promises

Obtains Insurance at Competitive and Reasonable Cost

Demonstrates Operational Efficiency

Reviews/Checks Policies and Coverages

Timely Delivery of Policies and Endorsements

Certificates of Insurance Supplied Promptly

Ease & Simplicity of Making Policy Changes

Accurate, Understandable, Timely Billing and Statements

Claims Service

Provides Value to My Business

B.  Based on the value of our relationship with KBS and its service, 
      I would switch to another broker if they would provide me with
      the same insurance product for 10% less.

C.  The area(s) that I would most like to see improve is/are:

D.  Where KBS helped me most was...:

E.  Any Additional Comments?

F.  OPTIONAL INFORMATION(we can't express our thanks without this!)
Email Address: 

Thank you very much for your time and feedback!

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