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Courier Industry Resource Sites    

North American Trade Association.  Two annual conventions, magazine, 
lobbying, and more.

Messenger Courier Association of the Americas   

National bi-monthly publication, sponsor of online industry email "Onelist".

Courier Times

Monthly newsletter focusing on the Northeast region.

Express Carriers Association  

"Express Carriers Association" - where couriers, vendors
  and shippers meet face to face.

California couriers enjoy a very active state association.

Website by and for Illinois courier companies.

New York's association website features a members-only
list of dead-beat customers.


Canadian Courier Association

Canadian industry information.

The Air Courier Association

Organization of individual air couriers available for hire.

Worldwide Transportation Yellow Pages

Your international transportation "yellow pages".

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Safety/Loss Control    


Extensive links, how-to advice and resources for
workplace safety programs, a traffic safety calendar
for special events and more.

Whether it's bike and traffic safety photos and audio
files, research studies, or highway safety quizzes,
this site has much to offer.

"National Highway Traffic Safety Administration"
Crash test results, car safety advisories, Statistics
and reports on injury prevention and driver performance.
Check out the People Safety section.

Massive site with regulations, publications, statistics and
programs. Check out 'Safety Tidbits' under FHWA Web
Sites button (OHS).

This ATA site offers 'Safety Net' an on-line publication of
news, features and references for safe trucking. Check out
the side bar reference section.

Reports broken down by type of vehicle and year on fatalities, crashes and
injuries. Surveys and a searchable database make this a powerful tool.

Offers tips on how to use cellular phones (and other two-way radios, etc.)
safely in vehicles.

This non-profit group, funded by the auto insurance industry, sponsors
a site that includes extensive safety facts, news releases, vehicle ratings,
crash tests and insurance shopping tips.

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Consumer Insurance Information

     Chubb Insurance Group


This leading rating organization evaluates insurance companies' financial
stability. Get ratings and other carrier information, insurance news and
check out the Insurance Guide for consumer information including tips
for saving money.

Consumer information, news and links to other sites. 
An excellent resource.

KBS is proud to belong to this organization, whose web site contains
a Consumer Information section where you can find a Guide to Small
Business Insurance among other valuable information.

KBS is a proud member of the Professional Insurance Agents
Association (PIA).  Check out the Insurance Consumer Section
on the left sidebar.

"Society of Certified Insurance Counselors" - Learn why we at KBS
  consider the CIC such a meaningful badge of professionalism.

This organization consists of insurance regulators from all 50 states. 
Get information on insurance regulations here.

A unique source of information on insurance-related legal disputes
and principles. Also check out the main site for extensive consumer
information (scroll down to the bottom for a list of information topics).

"National Council on Compensation Insurance" - The NCCI oversees 
Workers Compensation in most states. Check out the 'Ask NCCI'
section where you can e-mail questions about any comp-related topic.

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